Sports apparel were invented with one primary intention, to allow for better body movement, hence also enhancing comfort. Much of the laurels for inspiring the birth of sportswear should go to Tennis. Fred Perry and Rene Lacoste seem to have had the biggest influence in the inception of men’s clothing dedicated specifically for usage in sports. Significantly different from the heavier and baggier counterparts that these legendary players used to wear, the ‘Tennis shirt’ as it was called back then paved way for lightweight apparel that seemed to be readily agreeable with the human body. This trend trickled down to almost every sport in the world and before long they made their entrance into the world of fashion, simply because they flattered the physique of the like never before. Long story short, this sublime blend of sports clothing and contemporary fashion is popularly known today as sports luxe.

Easy to wear, extremely versatile and charismatic, this trend has a youthful charm to it. There is no surprise in why it is extremely popular with young people all over the world. It fits seamlessly with casual clothes making it look more attractive. Most importantly, because the companies that produce sports-inspired clothing manufacture it in bulk, it is cheaper as well. You sure wouldn’t be able to visit any clubs or five-star restaurants dressed in sportswear, but thanks to their versatility, they are slowly finding their way into smart clothing as well. Made for the passionate, style conscious and dynamic man in you, including the form factor of sports luxe clothing into your style is guaranteed to return some significant results.